I’m so excited about leading the “Daniel” Bible study by Beth Moore this fall! I just finished previewing the first session yesterday and it’s going to be awesome!
It’s a unique study in that it will be divided into two parts. The first 6 weeks focus on “Lives of Integrity” and the second half is “Words of Prophecy”. The back of the workbook has this quote: “Boldly live in our modern -day Babylong without falling prey to its allure”. Doesn’t that sound like something we could all benefit from?
It’s going to be on Monday nights at 7:00 at ParkSide Church in Waconia and there will be coffee! I’m inviting every one of you women to come regardless of where you go to church or your age. Come even if you don’t go to any church. We’ll all learn something together. We start on September 15th. Let me know if you are coming!

Happy Monday

We had an interesting weekend.

On the way home from Fort Snelling National Cemetery yesterday, a fuse stopped working in our car. It controlled the odometer, cooling in the AC, and the speedometer (and some other things). Driving without knowing how fast you are going is kind of like driving blind! We’re getting it looked at today.

The kids are taking an early nap today because of lack of naps yesterday. I hope they get caught up. They have been a lot of fun lately. We’ve been enjoying reading Llama, Llama, Red Pajama and Once Upon a Time, The End. Ethan has an incredible attention span for books. It doesn’t matter for long or complicated the plot, he will stay attentive the whole time. Nathan read a review about Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs because we had just read it to Ethan. The review said it was too long and complicated for 6 year old. Ethan had no trouble with it! He must be a genius like his daddy!

I’m thinking of starting some sort of at home pre-reading stuff with Ethan. If anyone has any good suggestions, I would love to hear them. I don’t want to push him past what he is interested in since he is only 3, but if it’s something he enjoys, we’ll go with it!


Yesterday was a crazy day.

It all started on Monday night. I took off for a Scrapbooking evening at our church and left Nathan and the kids at home. Shortly after I left, Nathan notice Ethan was acting a little more tired and cuddly and he seemed warm.

He took his temp with our super cool temporal thermometer. Everyone should have one of these things if they have kids because the alternatives of getting a rectal, underarm or mouth temp aren’t fun. This thermometer works by rubbing it across the head. Easy-peasy.

104 degrees. That’s high. Nathan freaked and tried to call me. I didn’t have a cell phone with me. He called the church. We were downstairs so we didn’t hear the phone. Nathan gave Ethan some tylenol and Ethan puked it up. Nathan is still freaking out so he calls my friend Marie for some advice. She has 9 (due with 10 this fall) kids. She gave some advice and came over with some Motrin. Nathan put Ethan in the tub with cold water. You can imagine how much he liked that! And then he tucked him into bed and kept checking on him until I got home.

The rest of the night included at least 4 trips into Ethan’s room since he was throwing up. At 11:30 we called clinic so we could get the on-call doctor. Ethan’s temp was still pretty high and I couldn’t convert to according to the chart I had telling me when to call. We were happy to discover that it was our doctor who was on call and she called us back and told us what to watch for.

On Tuesday, Ethan basically laid on the couch all day and his temp stayed high. He complained of a tummy ache and only ate breakfast. He kept going to the bathroom often, but not a lot seemed to be coming out. So, between that, his temp and complaining about his tummy. I decided we should have the doctor look at him. Not an easy accomplishment being a 1 vehicle family. By the time Nathan came home, I had packed in over-night bag for Ethan and myself in case this was appendicitis. We took off at 3:00. Several times on the way, he said he felt like puking and he was crying because his tummy hurt.

As soon as Dr. Beulke looked at him, he felt better. Go figure. No tummy pain when she poked him. Temp was down to 100. She was a little concerned the the symptoms might indicate a bladder infection. That’s very uncommon in boys and ususally indicates something else is wrong. The initial lab work came back negative, but we will get more detailed results by Friday. We were releaved and a little perplexed that he got better so quickly. Today, he is still a little warm and lethargic. I hope it’s a bug that passes soon.

Then, last night, I went to a meeting for the Bible Study leaders that was at our church. On the way home, about a mile from the church, I was pulled over by a police officer. He told me that I wasn’t staying between the lines and that he had been following me for a little while. So, he checked my license and insurance and looked me up and all that stuff and then came back and told me to do him a “favor” and “keep between the lines”. Whatever. I had been between the lines. I personally think he targeted me because I was leaving the church and there is an AA meeting that meets there on Tuesday night. I was very upset.

That was my Tuesday. Crazy day.

We’re here still!

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long. Here are some of the exciting things we’ve done lately:

We took the kids to the bank and opened up savings accounts for them. They each have $20 now! Part of the kids banking program at Klein Bank they give coupons for restaurants for every $25 you deposit and they also get a free movie at Christmas time. They just rent the entire movie theatre (all the screens) and show the kid-friendly movie.

Audrey has been asserting her will a little more lately. I guess that’s to be expected. She will be 2 soon! She loves to play with Ethan and jump. She randomly jumps up and down. It’s very cute!

Ethan keeps surprising us with his vocabulary and reasoning skills. He makes us laugh. He prayed the other night and said, “Thank you Jesus for all your heart, for all your soul and all your mind. . .” I wonder what Bible verse they are learning in Sunday School?!

We went for a 9 mile bike ride yesterday. I needed the exercise. I’ve had such good intentions about eating better, but I have no followed through. I’m having a fresh start today.