Extra Doctor Appointment

I had a “bonus” doctor appointment this afternoon to rule out some issues.

I’m not dilating yet.
Baby’s head isn’t in place yet.
No fluid leaking.
fFn came back negative.
I found out I passed the glucose test last week!
All good news and very reassuring.
Here are some photos from yesterday.

Strategic placement of arms to avoid looking too pregnant.

Nathan rearranged the kids’ room.

Audrey is very excited about her bed’s new location.

Rainy Monday

It’s raining and very windy! It looks like rainy weather for the entire week. Apparently this is a good thing to get all the frost out of the ground so thing can really dry up. I’m looking forward to that!

It was a busy weekend. I spent Saturday working on scrapbooking with Kimberely, Joan, Courtney and another woman whose name I have now forgotten. I completed 8 pages. Most of them were for Ethan’s album. I want to be pretty much up to date with him by his birthday.

Yesterday, we stayed home from church. Ethan was asking for a bucket when he woke up and I was feeling under the weather and slept a lot of the day away. I’m still feeling sort of sick. I think it’s just this pregnancy though. I’m finally in the last trimester. As I take my vitamin each morning, I love to see how the number of them left in the bottle keeps getting lower.

I napped when Audrey slept today. It was marvelous! I hope the rest of the day goes by quickly.

Preschool Screening

Ethan had his preschool screening yesterday. Nathan took the afternoon off so I was able to leave Audrey at home while Ethan and I trekked 1 1/2 blocks to the elementary school.

We started with getting weighed and measured and then he had screenings for hearing, vision, and speech/developmental. At the last station, he needed a 16 to pass for his age. He had a 23. He would have had more but when the teacher said, “A bird flies and a fish….” Ethan finished the sentence with “dives” instead of swims. But I think he was really just trying to find an appropriate work that kind of rymed with “flies”. I would have given him extra credit for that! He did well and they didn’t seem to think he had any problems that would need a referral. I wasn’t expecting anything. The one thing that bothered me a little was that they seemed to assume I didn’t know anything and they tried really hard to find something wrong. I was proud that Ethan cooperated so well. Only a little over a year until Kindergarten!

Springtime, photos, camera, update

I’m so glad that spring is finally here! As you can see from Nathan’s post, we received our new camera yesterday. I’m excited to figure it out. I realized this morning that I don’t know how to view the pictures that are already taken and are stored on the camera. I looked at all the buttons and I have no clue. I suppose I could read the manual. Nathan actually read the entire manual online before the camera even arrived. I am so behind!

By the way, Ethan loves me so much that he can’t “even, even, even, even stop even when I’m naughty”. That’s nice to know. I feel very loved! And for your cute Audrey story for the day: Audrey was crying this morning and it was almost 7:00 so Nathan went and got her and brought her to our room to lay down for a little while. Audrey then said, “Mommy, I crying. It sounds like this.” Then she did a cute little demonstration of what she thought she sounded like. She’s definitely decided that it’s time to do much more talking.

My Project 365 kit arrived last week and I decided to just start it on Monday last week instead of going back to the beginning of the year. I’ve missed too many days of picture taking because I wasn’t sure I was actually going to get the kit. Having the camera break as soon as I was ready to get going created a bit of a problem though. I’m enjoying it and will share pictures once I have a couple of weeks done.

Baby 3 continues to move a lot! I feel him wiggling around all day. He’s still little enough that he has plenty of room to move. I cannot believe that we will have a newborn in our house again. And it’s going to be soon. By the end of May we’ll probably be holding our son. I’m still thinking he will arrive sometime between Tim’s birthday and mine. Tim’s birthday is 7 days before mine and that’s about how far along I was when Audrey arrived. It would be kind of crazy to spend my birthday in the hospital.

26 weeks, 3 days

I had my OB appointment this afternoon. My blood pressure was fabulous (122 over something– thanks Dad for the low blood pressure genes!) which made me happy since I gained 9 pounds in 5 weeks. Both the nurse and my doctor assured me that these are the weeks they usually see major growth. It might not have just been because of the girl scout cookies. I had my glucose tolerance test and should receive the results by the end of the week. If I fail that test, I have to take another one where I have to fast ahead of time and then they take my blood every hour for 3 hours. I really hope I pass! I’m measuring right on track and have been feeling pretty good so I get to go another 4 weeks before my next appointment which will be at 30 weeks! At that point, I’ll have appointments closer together.
Audrey was really looking forward to going to the doctor’s office. She even had her little play stethoscope with her, but since Ethan puked twice today, we decided that it might be better for Nathan to just take the van and kids home and leave the car for me. She was really sad about not getting to go inside! She has no fear of going to see the doctor! She’s still been singing “Jesus Loves Me” all day everyday. Her favorite line is, “The Bible tells me so”.
As for Ethan, well, like I mentioned, he seems to have some sort of stomach bug. He didn’t eat much today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Home Organization and my SIL Kylene

Nathan’s sister, Kylene, has been working at establishing a side business of helping people organize their spaces (office, home, etc., ). She wrote a great article that is posted on her website. You can find the article here. The members of the Fritz family have probably all read it already, but I have a couple other readers who might be interested. I love how she expounds on the fact that organizing is about finding what works for your situation and how it’s really certain concepts that are universal and not the way each individual implements them.

Check it out when you get a chance. Kylene has already given me some great things to think about. If you live in her neck of the woods (Georgia/South Carolina)), she would love to help you!