More on being pregnant

Baby is at a -1 station. If you want to see what that looks like click here. The L&D nurse referred to that as “low”. I’m feeling it too. The last several days have been really difficult. I was having contractions on and off yesterday, but they didn’t cause any dilation (that’s good). But since the baby is so low, I’m feeling a lot of pressure and sometimes when he shifts,kicks or punches, it feels so low and strong that it frightens me.

My emotions are so heightened right now. During this morning’s Easter service, I started crying at the end of a puppet presentation. No, it wasn’t particularly touching or memorable. It was cute and a little funny. It wasn’t laughter tears though. I started laughing a little at how ridiculous I was as I started to tear up and then I started to cry more. Goodness! Nathan leaned over to Brian and said, “My wife is crying at a puppet show.” In regards to waterworks, it was all over from there. I cried through the rest of the service.

I’m in desperate need of your prayer support right now. Please pray that I’ll have peace and assurance regarding what I should or shouldn’t do and what things I need to have checked out physically to make sure I can carry this baby to term. It means more than I can ever say to have your prayers. I am so thankful. I know that God has all the details in His control, but I’m really struggling with some serious anxiety beyond anything I experienced with Ethan or Audrey.

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