Who didn’t see this coming?

I had my regular OB apt today. Baby boy had a nice heart rate of 140’s-170. He was moving around.

That’s the good news.

Not so great news is that I’m dilated 1cm and, according to my doctor, the baby is “low, low,low”. I purposely did not ask for specifics on how low. I decided it would just scare me.

What does this mean? I’m restricted to lying down as much as possible to keep the pressure off my cervix. No housework, lifting or sitting upright for very long. She didn’t say, “bedrest”, but I don’t know what the real difference would be. I can get up to use the bathroom, get water, take a shower, or fix a sandwich.

I’ll try to call everyone, but this means we wont be doing the birthday party this Sunday. Other than that, Nathan and I need to come up with our plan of attack for the next several weeks.
Please pray that the baby will stay put for awhile. I’m 30 weeks and 4 days today. 37 weeks is considered “term”, I would not be on bedrest after 36 weeks and I doubt they would try to stop me from delivering after 35 weeks. If I have more contractions or fail my fFn test next week, my doctor will give me steroid shots to help mature the baby’s lungs.

In case you’re wondering, I’m typing this while lying on the couch!

More on being pregnant

Baby is at a -1 station. If you want to see what that looks like click here. The L&D nurse referred to that as “low”. I’m feeling it too. The last several days have been really difficult. I was having contractions on and off yesterday, but they didn’t cause any dilation (that’s good). But since the baby is so low, I’m feeling a lot of pressure and sometimes when he shifts,kicks or punches, it feels so low and strong that it frightens me.

My emotions are so heightened right now. During this morning’s Easter service, I started crying at the end of a puppet presentation. No, it wasn’t particularly touching or memorable. It was cute and a little funny. It wasn’t laughter tears though. I started laughing a little at how ridiculous I was as I started to tear up and then I started to cry more. Goodness! Nathan leaned over to Brian and said, “My wife is crying at a puppet show.” In regards to waterworks, it was all over from there. I cried through the rest of the service.

I’m in desperate need of your prayer support right now. Please pray that I’ll have peace and assurance regarding what I should or shouldn’t do and what things I need to have checked out physically to make sure I can carry this baby to term. It means more than I can ever say to have your prayers. I am so thankful. I know that God has all the details in His control, but I’m really struggling with some serious anxiety beyond anything I experienced with Ethan or Audrey.

30 weeks (+1!)

Yesterday I made it to 30 weeks. Babycenter says that our “baby is about 15.7 inches long now, and he weighs almost 3 pounds. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds him, but that volume will decrease as he gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus.”

Tipping the scales at +20 from where I started. Most of this has been gained since the middle of January.

Yesterday and the previous evening I started feeling like some things were happening that I should be checked out for. After wondering on and off all day if I was just crazy, and praying for peace and wisdom regarding what to do, we called the on-call doctor at about 6:00. I don’t even remember if the doctor was a man or woman, but we were told to go to L&D at Ridgeview to get checked out. A few phones calls to arrange babysitting and tell the hospital we were coming, and we were on our way.

They set me up in a room at monitored me and baby and did a few tests. My blood pressure was nice and high when they first took it. Nerves do this to me. Withinin an hour or so, I was down from 140-150/? to 127/?. I don’t remember the bottom number. Baby had nice heart rate accelerations with lots of movement. Only one contraction that registered while I was being examined. Two and half hours later, lab results said I tested “suspicious” for an infection. This is the same thing I had with E & A and can lead to premature rupture of membranes, preterm labor, etc., I now have a prescription that should help take care of it. If this has been the cause of my previous early deliveries, hopefully, this will take care of things. I’ve only had one dose so far so I’m taking it easy for a little while. I should have more information after my OB appointment on Tuesday.

I think that’s enough excitement for now. I’m happy to be home and to still be pregnant.

Hope for Spring

The forecast says that it will get to 47 today and it predicts 50’s for the rest of the week. Could it be that after many long months spring is finally coming? I sure hope so! I’m busting out of my jackets. That made for a very cold walk back from the library yesterday. The wind was blowing and I couldn’t zip my jacket. Nathan walked in front of me to block the wind. It was very gentlemanly of him. I was all ready to talk Nathan into moving south, but then I read Kylene’s post about her allergies and I’m having second thoughts.

Speaking of being pregnant. I happen to have a baby growing INSIDE OF MY BELLY. My stomach moves randomly on it’s own. I don’t know if Baby has dropped or not, but I’m feeling a little more pressure and often when the baby wiggles, regardless of how recently I last emptied my bladder I need to race back to the bathroom again. He can pack a punch and he seems to be rather fond of punching my bladder. I think sugar really gets him moving. Those two brownies I just had for breakfast are causing him to do back flips. If you were here, you would have been hearing me, “Ahhh!” off and on for the last several minutes.

Yesterday, I started working on packing lists for Ethan and Audrey for when the baby arrives. It’s a little more complicated to make plans when you have little ones to take into account. We need a plan for what to do if I go into labor in middle of the night, another plan for what to do if it’s during the day when Nathan is gone and another plan for when Nathan is here. Marie, I think we’re going to start fire drills to see how fast you and I can move our two car seats into your van and buckle in six kids.

Speaking of buckling kids. Did y’all notice that the AAP is now officially changing their recommendation regarding car seats? They used to say that babies needed to be rear facing until they were a year and 20 lbs. Now they are saying to leave the seat rear facing until the 2nd birthday.

Enough randomness for today. Baby just punched me again. You know what that means.