Friday Weigh-in, July 30, 2010

I lost .6 lbs this week. That puts me at 2.2 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight (with Isaac).  I’m so close. I’d love to lose another 10 lbs after that, but we’ll take it one goal at a time. Nathan and I have both been working hard at this and it’s nice to be able to support each other.

Tomorrow is my long run day. I have an 8 mile run scheduled. It’s my last “long” run before the race next week. Since I’ll be out running for over an hour tomorrow, I’m in the process of downloading some podcasts to keeps me company along the way. I’m getting excited and anxious about the race. This will be the first one that I’ve done that I’ve actually trained hard for. The first one I did was just to prove that I could do it. The second one was just a month or so after recovering from hurting my IT band and I had not been putting in many miles in preparation, but it wasn’t hard to beat my first race time. This time, I did 7 weeks of specific training that included speed work. I’m also entering this race about 10 pounds lighter than my last one. I think that training and weight loss should help. Now, if we could just have a nice 60 degree day with no humidity!

I have some new shoes:

I also found a running tank top on clearance at Target for $2.48. It’s pink. I like pink. At least my top and my shoes will be cute when the rest of me is covered in sweat.

Isaac wasn’t as easy today, but he still napped well this morning. I can tell he likes having all the toys to himself. Two molars have poked through on the top. I can feel 3 more major bumps on the bottom that should pop through soon. Poor child. 5 teeth at once. Hopefully, we’ll have this round of teething out of the way soon.

We get to see our big kids tomorrow! Yeah! We have missed them, but they are having a fabulous time.

Unexpected results

Isaac has been FUSSY lately. Teething at least 3 teeth right now. I know I mentioned it before and I sound like a broken record, but I’m just setting the stage for this post. I was not really looking forward to today. I thought that with Ethan and Audrey gone and not around to distract Isaac that I would be spending all day trying to keep him happy.

It ended up so much better than I feared! After we waved goodbye to Nathan, I went downstairs and pulled the play kitchen out of the storage room and brought it upstairs. I set it up in the corner of the kitchen. It was a new toy to Isaac. He had no memory of it and he played with it nonstop for over a half hour. During that time, I was able to scrub down the kitchen table and chairs (do you know how dirty chairs get when you have a toddler and a 3 and 5 year old?), clean the sinks, Windex the kitchen windows and scrub the kitchen walls! Did you know that having three young children can make your kitchen walls rather dirty at about toddler/preschool height level? It never occurred to me before having children of my own that this would be a task that I would have to do. Isaac played happily the entire time I did those tasks.

A little while later, he was tired so I laid him down. Because I didn’t have any other children to worry about in regards to schedules, I didn’t mess with waking him at a certain time to make sure he would nap when I wanted him to later. I figured that if he didn’t sleep, I would keep him up until lunch time and if he did sleep, I would let him sleep as long as he wanted. He needed it. He slept for about 2 1/2 hours. I couldn’t believe it. I was able to finish a few more tasks and relax a little. When he got up it was time for lunch and then I had time to run some errands with him since he wasn’t tired. When we got home from doing errands, I decided to take a walk. He fell asleep at the end of my hour long walk and stayed sleeping when I put him in his crib when we got home. He didn’t sleep long, but he had slept enough that he wasn’t cranky!

Day one of Isaac being an only child was a success! We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

It’s going to be lonely here

Ethan and Audrey are with Nana and Grandpa Fritz for a few days. They were so excited this morning. As soon as they got out of bed they wanted to leave. We weren’t planning to leaving until after lunch time. They were a little disappointed that they had to wait. I’m sure they will have a lot of fun! Sherlock, Nana’s dog, will have some excitement.

I’ve been trying to figure out what Isaac and I are going to do to occupy ourselves. I think we’ll take a walk tomorrow. I can’t do long walks during the day anymore because Ethan and Audrey don’t walk that fast and aren’t interested in going for a walk for the sake of getting exercise! I may take advantage of that option tomorrow. I’m a tiny bit tempted to round up all the kid/baby stuff we don’t need anymore and have an impromptu garage sale on Friday while I don’t have kids crying about getting rid of their things. That would be way more work than it would be worth for one day though. Another time, I guess.

Ethan and Audrey, I know you’re having a good time! I love you!

Isaac is keeping my company while you are gone.


My running shoes are about to be retired.

Since I started tracking my mileage sometime in November, I have logged 294 miles. I bought my shoes a couple of weeks before I was tracking my miles so they have probably crossed the 300 mile mark by now. Well, I know they have if you count my walking with the kids to the park and for exercise.

But just with running, these are the numbers:

294 miles.

59 hours, 12 minutes, and 22 seconds of running.

2 races- Chaska Turkey Trot in November 2009 and City of Trails in St. Croix Falls, WI in early June.

7 miles- my longest distance (soon to be replaced with a new longest distance this Saturday).

1 hour, 24 minutes, 33 seconds- The longest time I’ve spent running without stopping.

64.1- Miles I plan to run this month.

865- Number of calories I burned doing my last long run.

I love numbers! I have all of these statistics because I log all my running into the site. I like it better than mapmyrun because of the graphs and the pretty interface. It also has mapping capabilities like all the other running/walking/biking sites.

Two Trips to the Park Today

I don’t know what came over me, but we ended up going to the park twice today. This morning we spent an hour at the “water tower park”. That’s what my kids call it. That’s not the official name. Isaac likes to play in the sand in the volleyball courts. It keeps him occupied in a way that doesn’t require physical labor on my part. I like that. Then, once Isaac was done with his afternoon nap, I thought the day would go by quicker if we headed to the park again– this time a different one. We headed to one near our house, but there was no shade and it was warm. We decided to go the “lake park” (again, not it’s real name- hah!). We didn’t stay long before I decided I was exhausted and hot and wanted to leave. The kids agreed when I said we were packing into the van and heading to McDonalds for a chocolate shake.

A small chocolate shake has 440 calories. That’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t have guessed it had that many. Now I know.

I’m exhausted tonight. I had a list of things I wanted to finish. There are still things on the list that aren’t crossed off, but I think they can wait.

Home Again!

After I blogged yesterday, Nathan did his long run. I need to brag on him now. He did 6 miles! He did awesome and I’m very proud of him. I figure he has earned his extra set of workout clothes 🙂

We went to church with my Dad today. Joyce met us there and so did Brian and Missy. We all spent the afternoon together. Dad planned an awesome lunch of tilapia and salmon and asparagus and rice. After cleaning up lunch, we lounged by the pool.

Oh yeah, not the kind of pool you would think of when someone says, “lounging by the pool”. And it wasn’t as quiet and peaceful. Joyce and I did sit by the pool with our feet in the water, but we were also regularly shot with water guns and spray bottles.

We headed for home at about 3:30. Less than two miles down the road, Audrey was asleep. 3 of the 5 of us ended up falling asleep on the way home. The driver stayed awake and so did Isaac.

We don’t have much on the calendar for this week. I’m hoping Isaac’s molars cut all the way through and that will be the end of his constant fussing. Please! I’m already saving up cute sayings for another blog installment of “Things I heard. . .” due to popular demand (Chris!). Watch for that later this week.

On the Road Again

I’m blogging from my dad’s den in Cottage Grove. We’re spending tonight here and heading back to Winsted sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I started out the day with an early morning run with my friend, Marie. We started later than I usually do– it was 6:00am and not 5:30- Ha! Sleeping in, I tell you! We did 7 miles. Being with her made me run faster than I would have on my own. If it had just been me, it would have taken another couple of minutes. We were talking and enjoying ourselves and the time went by very quickly.

This afternoon, Ethan, Audrey and my dad played in the little kiddie pool that Grandpa had set up. They also used water guns and the garden hoses to spray each other.

My brother is here (with his bride). He wants me to say that he is awesome. He’s the best one I ever had. That’s the truth.

Anway, not much else to report. Audrey is snuggled up to Missy and will be asleep before 6:30 because of all the excitement of the day. Isaac is already in bed. Ethan is enjoying Sumo of the Opera Veggie Tales.

Oh, I almost forgot. My dad is out with Joyce tonight at Lumberjack Days in Stillwater. They are there for the Chicago concert. I think it’s awesome that my dad is at a concert for a band that was popular in the 80’s. It must be true love 🙂 I would also like to take the opportunity to brag on my dad. Last week, he had a little celebration with some of his co-workers. He recently hit a major milestone for work. I wont tell you how much money the policy’s that he has sold bring in for Genworth, but it’s a lot. Way to go, Dad! He never toots his own horn. I thought I would do it for him.

Have a lovely evening or day or whatever it is when you read this. Pictures from our weekend will be posted tomorrow.

Things I heard today . . .

“I’m about to say something I never thought I would say. I’m going to need more than one pair of exercise shorts because I’ve been working out EVERY day.” – Nathan

“That’s very convenient.” – Ethan using the work “convenient incorrectly. He uses it when he means to say clever.

“Can we go to the dumping bucket place?”- Audrey asking me every day about going back to the Dells.

“I know who your most favorite in the whole world is. It’s Daddy”. – Ethan to me.

“Hi.”- Isaac

“I need to tell you something.” – Audrey trying to get the attention of random strangers to tell them that she goes to swimming lessons or that she wants to go the “dumping bucket place”.

“If you poop in my pool, I’ll swim in your toilet.” – Not heard today, but Ethan and Audrey both say this because they heard the swimming instructor say it and they thought it was very funny.

“Nathan, will you please explain something about going to the bathroom to Ethan. There are certain things that his daddy would be able to explain better than his mommy. ” – from my own mouth.

“Da-deeeee”- Isaac when he’s feeling happy and talkative.

“Don’t go in there! It’s the kitchen!”- Audrey while watching the end of Beauty and the Beast. She was warning the townsfolk that came to besiege the castle that the knives would come after them.

A little something about all of us

I laid Isaac down 4 times today. That’s how cranky and how unsuccessful some of our nap attempts were! We’re in this really rough stage where his sleep needs are changing and I haven’t found the “sweet spot” for when to lay him down. He’s also cranky from teething. I can feel a few areas where teeth are coming and he’s drooling so much that his shirts are soaked through.

Audrey has started doing this adorable thing. Every time we watch The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or some princess show/movie, she goes and gets her dress up clothes and puts them on. It’s so cute and so girly. I love it!

Ethan keeps getting more and more sweet. Maybe it’s that he’s grown up now at 5 years old. I love hearing him sing when he’s sitting by us at church. And when it’s time to greet people, he tries to shake as many hands as he can in the short time he has. He prayed for our friends, Ray and Dawn, when they were getting ready to have Caden. I talked to Ethan about praying for them and he decided to go to his room and figure out exactly what to pray by himself. I could hear him praying the Dawn would be okay and that the baby would be healthy. I told him later that Caden lived for only a short time and Ethan took it all in stride. We talked about how Grandma Henning was probably seeing Caden. Ethan, Audrey and I also prayed for Grandpa Henning and for Nana and Grandpa Fritz today. They each chose some specific prayer requests and they did the praying themselves.

Nathan just got back from running 5 miles. He had a time goal and he met and exceeded it(ran faster than his goal)– by quite a bit. We cheered him on as he finished the last block. We had gone outside at about the time I thought he would be returning. There was lots of yelling and clapping. 🙂 Nathan is finishing his paperwork for applying for grad school. It’s really going to happen. It will change our schedule a little, but it will be worth it.

As for me, I don’t remember what I accomplished  today. I know I did some laundry and dishes. I also made 3 trips to the local grocery store. It’s nice to have one 2 blocks away when you realize you don’t have something you need. Oh yes, I also had Parent/Child swim lessons with Audrey and did some baking and cooking for some friends. Life is good. We’re enjoying our summer.