Isaac vs. the slippery floor

I’m not sure if you can see it in this photo, but Isaac slipped and fell on his mouth and ended up with a bit of a fat lip. That child has more bumps and bruises than Audrey and Ethan combined. He just has managed to avoid stitches so far!

Smile. . . though your lip is bleeding

We attempted to put him in a toddler bed last night. He fought it a little, but then he climbed up into bed and went to sleep. The problem we had was that he likes to scrunch himself up to the side of his crib when he sleeps. He doesn’t have a side to do that with on the toddler bed and he ended up falling out of bed twice.  We could have put up the rail that we have, but Isaac kept diving over it and it ended up being more dangerous than just falling a few inches out of bed. So, I guess he’s not ready. One of these days, his brute strength will destroy his crib and we’ll have to switch!

Half-Marathon Training: Week 1

My plan that I completed this past week:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen, Tuesday: 4 miles, Wednesday: Cross train, Thursday: 4 miles, Friday: Rest, Saturday: 3 miles, and Sunday: 4 miles. That’s a total of 15 miles for the week.

It was a cold week. We haven’t had a November this cold for a while. I braved the cold and ran outside on Tuesday, but I decided to stick with the treadmill for Thursday. The weekend warmed up so my Saturday and Sunday runs I did outside.

Saturday sunshine

I’m using this schedule for my guide. I am doing stretching and strengthening on one of the rest days and I’m starting on week 2. There were other plans that I liked, but this particular plan won me over because it cuts back miles every several weeks and it keeps the long run to a healthy percentage of the week’s total mileage. Once I get to week 13, if I’m feeling strong, I’ll use my Thursday miles to work on speed.

I did pretty well with my eating this week except for Thanksgiving and the day after. No holiday excuses this week so it should be good, right?

Thanksgiving Photos

I have a terrible track record of not actually taking pictures during family holidays. I’m going to have to resolve this next year to letting myself be the paparazzi at all family gatherings! Somehow, I have no photos of Chloe, Ethan or Audrey.

Mashing potatoes
Cooks in the kitchen
Reading the ads and chatting
Isaac plans his Black Friday shopping trip
Erica and Chris playing Christmas duets- awesome!
Bonus photo of Nathan and Isaac working on the cold air return

Our life these days

1. I finally got around to filling our photo frame.

2. Isaac is BUSY. He’s almost 18 months old and into everything. Climbing is his favorite thing.

3. We recently discovered that Ethan and Audrey like to tell stories to each other after we tuck them in at night. We eavesdropped on them the other night and actually heard Ethan singing a lullaby to his sister.

4. We cancelled our Dish service about a month ago.

5. All 5 of us had our hair cut on Sunday.

6. Isaac is terrified of baths. He used to be scared and then he randomly got over it. Now he is terrified again. He screams like we’re torturing him. So, he’s dirty right now.

7. Audrey is going to be a ballerina. Most of her time is spent twirling gracefully around the house. It’s very cute.

8. Ethan put a baby monitor in our room today so he could spy on us tonight.

Thanksgiving Eve- Live (kind of) blogging weather

12:15pm- Tiny little fluries starting to fall and road are clear. So far the weather has been fine. I’ll try to update hourly. Hee hee. Wont that be fun. Hopefully, there will be nothing to report.

View of the road by our driveway- 12:15pm

1:22pm- Snow and ice mix. Coming down pretty steady.

A nice coating of snow and ice- bummer

2:00 closure for staff at Crown today.

2:30pm- Snow still fall steadily

The tire track in this photo, I believe are from our neighbor and seem to go off the road into a small tree. Oops.

It doesn't show signs of stopping and we have no corn for popping.

3:30- Still snowing. Pretty light.

For a change, a photo from the front door. This road is more traveled.

A view from the front

4:15pm- Snow has stopped. Yeah!

MN winter is here

Some of the snow and slush we got last weekend has disappeared, but we’re in the month where the fall and winter battle it out until fall finally gives up and winter takes hold. It was a cold day today. It’s 20 degrees out right now. When I got up this morning it was 13 degrees with a wind chill of -1. I know this because I ran this morning. 4 miles in the cold. I would say that this was my first run this season where it was cold enough that I really felt like it was winter running. I strapped on my yaktrax and layered up and was able to complete my run without a problem. I love my Yaktrax! I ran right over icy patches on the road and didn’t slip at all! I didn’t really want to get out of bed, but I’m trying to work on running 4 days a week and build my mileage up. If that’s going to happen without completely disrupting out family’s schedule, I need to get my running in before Nathan leaves for work. Lucky for me, Isaac woke up at 5:00 so I was awake already when it was time for my alarm to to off at 6:00.

Because of Isaac’s way too early wake-up time, he was unbearable this morning. By 9:30, I had all I could handle with this fits and screaming and I laid him down. He took his “afternoon” nap at 9:30. Not how I would have planned it, but he was tired and I didn’t want to fight with him for another 2-3 hours. He slept and then we had lunch and took off to stock up on groceries at WalMart. So, we did everything we had planned to do, but it was all in a different order.

Everyone was in a much better mood this afternoon. I was even able to bake a couple of loaves of pumpkin bread for our Thanksgiving celebration! We’re looking forward to seeing family!

Praying the storm skips us!

From our local NBC affiliate site:

The weather on Tuesday will be calm statewide, then another stronger storm approaches on Wednesday and this storm will have a greater impact on the weather as it will bring freezing rain, accumulating ice/snow, gusty winds and colder temperatures.

The Wednesday storm will push snow into western Minnesota during the morning hours bringing freezing rain/snow into southern Minnesota during the late afternoon and evening – some of the ice accumulations could be significant and similar to the past weekend ice.

Farther north, the snow will be heavy with snowfall accumulations possible in northern Minnesota on Wednesday. Strong winds from the northwest along with falling temperatures will combine with falling snow early Thursday morning and this will make for even more difficult travel conditions. The weather will be cold but improves on Friday. People traveling should monitor updated forecast.

Yuck. Sometimes I really dislike MN weather.

For those keeping track

. . .yes, I’m still working on finishing the year healthy.

These are the things I had on my list to work on:

  • In bed by 10:00
  • 8 glasses of water a day
  • Floss 3x a week
  • No eating during nap time or after supper
  • (new one) Move from 3 to 4 days of running a week

That’s all I’m going to do. Some of those things are really big things! I didn’t do so well last week, but I’m not giving up. These are all things that I can do and I’m going to feel very good about sticking with it.

My journey with my eating habits has been erratic. To be honest, I have some real issues with food addiction. I use food as a way to cope when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I also use it when I want to celebrate something or if I’m just bored.

I want to be really honest with you because it’s not helpful to pretend that I have this all under control. A little over a week ago, I was feeling overwhelmed or something (I can’t even remember what the deal was right now) and I chose to deal with it by eating whatever I could find in the house that looked appealing. I ate a piece of  toast with butter on it, then I ate a plate of chips with cheese melted on the top, then I had a half cup of trail mix. That’s a “snack” of about 800 calories and I don’t think I stopped there. I don’t remember what else I ate. Then I repeated that pattern for several days in a row. The end result was that I managed to increase my weight by 6 to 7 pounds in two weeks. Some of that was water weight, but most of those pounds I have to own. I earned them fair and square.

I’ve turned it around for the last several days. It’s good to be heading in the right direction! I need to find better ways to cope. I’ve also been reminded that I really need to limit eating things that are high in carbohydrates. I love my carbs and I’m not totally cutting them out, but they need to be a smaller percentage of my diet. Foods that are full of HFCS spike my blood sugar and make me feel happy for a while, but then it’s followed by a crash. That makes me want to eat again. Not a good cycle. I’m trying to choose the carbohydrates I eat more carefully (focus on fruits, veggies, whole grains) and keep the extra snacky things like chips, cookies, and crackers to a very small percentage of what I consume. I just can’t have that stuff in the house all the time.

Don’t worry, family, this doesn’t mean that we’re only allowing veggies and turkey in the house for Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to the whole spread, including potatoes, dinners rolls, pies and other desserts. It just means that I’m making sure the leftover sweets go back home with Tim.

My solo 5k effort

I was feeling a little let down after not really being able to “race” at the Turkey Trot 5k last weekend. So, yesterday, when I got ready to do my evening run, I decided that I would program my Garmin for a 5k workout and I would go and run as fast as I could.

The nice thing about setting it up as a workout is that when I hit the start button on my watch it starts the time, and then it automatically stops the time (without me having to remember to do it myself at the exact right time/place) when I reach the set distance.

I was able to keep my pace up for the first mile and a half and then it just felt soooo hard! I know that’s how a race is supposed to feel, but it was much more difficult to convince myself to keep up my pace when I didn’t have the benefit of the adrenaline and challenge of a real race against other people.

I still finished with a very respectable time. I did 3.13 miles in 28:24. That’s slower than the 9:00/mile pace that I really wanted, but it still beat my last race time by 29 seconds. In the world of racing 29 seconds is an eternity. I am proud of that!

As I was doing some reading on running this evening, I read something about the exact length of a 5k and discovered that it was actually a little bit shorter than I had thought. A 5k is 3.10685596 miles. So, my run that I just finished yesterday was actually a tiny bit longer (by .02 miles- depending on how the race director rounds the numbers). I wonder how much extra time it took me to run that extra 106 feet? 😉 I’m sure it was a lot right?! Hah!

Now I have a new time to work toward! I think it might be time to start building my mileage base to run a half marathon.