Upswing and an update on our Elf

I think we’re on the upswing physically. I can breathe again. Nathan seems to be getting better. E&A have sniffly noses, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering them.

Isaac is still struggling.

He’s happy in the above photo, but his naps have been shorter even though he is so tired and cranky. The congestion is causing the drooling issue to be magnified. Look at that shirt! I should just buy bibs for him to wear around all day over his clothes. We change his clothes before he takes his nap because he’s soaked!

When I saw Tami on Christmas day she asked about our elf. Our Elf on the Shelf has been enjoying the angel choir on our Christmas tree. He’s tucked in quite cozily as you can see. He’ll be heading back to the North Pole as soon as our decorations get put away.


Photos from Christmas 2010 Part I


I have no idea how I managed to capture a photo of Audrey leaping through the air in her new leatard, but I’m glad I did! Audrey loves to dance!


I love this photo capturing Nathan, Audrey and Isaac all doing different things.


Isaac decided to try on his new hat. And, no, he didn’t spill anything on his shirt. That’s drool.


Audrey has wanted a vacuum cleaner for a while. She loves it. Isaac is very jealous.


This toy brought much joy for the day it worked and then it broke. I cannot find the receipt. Nathan may be able to fix it.


Isaac isn’t feeling well. He is not much fun these days.

Nathan isn’t feeling great. He has a bit of a cold.

And I’m feeling miserable. A couple of days ago, I came down with a cold. Yesterday, my sinuses were clogged, my head hurt so bad I felt like I was going to lose my lunch, and I had a fever. Today, I’m feeling a little better. Still clogged, sneezing and draining (it is possible to be clogged up and draining at the same time– it’s strange but true!). The fever and nausea are gone though.

I’m thankful that Nathan is home this week. One of the great things about Nathan’s job is that he has 20 vacation days plus the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. I would rather not spend the time off being sick, but it’s better than having to deal with the kids by myself when I’m feeling miserable.

I have photos of the kids opening and playing with presents, but they are still on the camera in the other room. That’s a terribly long way to go right now! Hopefully, I can get them on the computer and posted tomorrow.


We’ve had a full day.

The kids have loved their presents. We’ve enjoyed spending time with family (Dad, Joyce, Brian, Missy, Grandma Doris, Aunt Tami and Uncle Dave and cousin Christine). We have also eaten our fill of cookies.

Our Christmas Eve service went well last night. After Nathan and I sang, Ethan recited the “What Can I Give Him?” poem. He had about a hour’s notice and pulled it off flawlessly. He even said it with drama. Proud!

Oh, before I forget, I should mention the funniest/most mortifying moment of the day. When we were finishing our lunch, Ethan decided to tickle Grandma Doris (my mother’s mom). So, turned to her and “tickle, tickle, tickled” her. Only is wasn’t in an appropriate place to do such a thing. Poor Grandma. You should have seen her face. Poor Ethan. He had no idea why we were all laughing so hard.

My mind is preoccupied with things that I long to have resolved and tied up in neat bows. I’m feeling a bit discouraged. Pray for clarity and encouragement for us if you think of it.


Warning: Random thoughts to follow!

How is it that Christmas Eve is tomorrow? Nathan gets done with work at 1:00 today and gets to come home early. Actually, he’s going to do some shopping before coming home. I suspect my husband waited until 2 days before Christmas to shop for a present for me. It’s alright because I’m officially to the stage of my life where I don’t really care if I get anything for Christmas. Does that mean I’m old? I will love getting presents, but I wouldn’t be devastated to not get any.

I’m still working on getting our Christmas cards/photo sent out. My goal is to get them in the mail before 2011!

We’re getting more snow tonight. Maybe another 2-4 inches. It looks like we may have an ice dam on our one trouble spot over our kitchen window. Nathan will get to spend some time working on that tonight (safely on the ladder and NOT on the roof itself!).

I recently discovered Little Men on Netflix. It’s sort of a Dr. Quinn- meets- Little House on the Prairie-type show. You can get it on instant watch. I never read the book so I don’t know if it follows that at all, or if it just has the same name!  I’ve been having fun watching it and Nathan had fun discovering that one of the actors was in a Sci Fi show that he watched.

When Nathan gets home we’re going to practice a song for our Christmas Eve service.

I just realized that I have something cute for Ethan and Audrey to wear for the service, but I don’t for Isaac. Hmmmm…. I suppose it doesn’t matter since he would just drool all over it anyway.


Ethan wasn’t feeling well today. It’s so hard to really know how to help him when he can’t explain what’s wrong. He does have a fever that we’re working treating with tylenol and motrin.

We’ve kept a bucket nearby and did a lot of resting. We’re hoping he can sleep it off.

Last Year

I love looking back and pictures from a year ago and seeing what was happening. I was just glancing through our archives and found this photo:

Things happening in this photo:

Audrey has a winter hat on her head.

The tupperware cabinet is full of stuffed animals and dolls and one of them is holding a VHS tape of The Velveteen Rabit.

There is a laundry basket with a pillow in it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you

that Christmas is next week.



This picture doesn’t have anything to do with the post except that it’s near the Christmas tree. I guess it goes along with the theme!

We got more snow today. 4 inches. Maybe more. It was very light and the flakes were huge. This kind of snow will surely shrink down (Please- I have no more room to put it anywhere)!