Warning: Random thoughts to follow!

How is it that Christmas Eve is tomorrow? Nathan gets done with work at 1:00 today and gets to come home early. Actually, he’s going to do some shopping before coming home. I suspect my husband waited until 2 days before Christmas to shop for a present for me. It’s alright because I’m officially to the stage of my life where I don’t really care if I get anything for Christmas. Does that mean I’m old? I will love getting presents, but I wouldn’t be devastated to not get any.

I’m still working on getting our Christmas cards/photo sent out. My goal is to get them in the mail before 2011!

We’re getting more snow tonight. Maybe another 2-4 inches. It looks like we may have an ice dam on our one trouble spot over our kitchen window. Nathan will get to spend some time working on that tonight (safely on the ladder and NOT on the roof itself!).

I recently discovered Little Men on Netflix. It’s sort of a Dr. Quinn- meets- Little House on the Prairie-type show. You can get it on instant watch. I never read the book so I don’t know if it follows that at all, or if it just has the same name!  I’ve been having fun watching it and Nathan had fun discovering that one of the actors was in a Sci Fi show that he watched.

When Nathan gets home we’re going to practice a song for our Christmas Eve service.

I just realized that I have something cute for Ethan and Audrey to wear for the service, but I don’t for Isaac. Hmmmm…. I suppose it doesn’t matter since he would just drool all over it anyway.

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