Isaac isn’t feeling well. He is not much fun these days.

Nathan isn’t feeling great. He has a bit of a cold.

And I’m feeling miserable. A couple of days ago, I came down with a cold. Yesterday, my sinuses were clogged, my head hurt so bad I felt like I was going to lose my lunch, and I had a fever. Today, I’m feeling a little better. Still clogged, sneezing and draining (it is possible to be clogged up and draining at the same time– it’s strange but true!). The fever and nausea are gone though.

I’m thankful that Nathan is home this week. One of the great things about Nathan’s job is that he has 20 vacation days plus the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. I would rather not spend the time off being sick, but it’s better than having to deal with the kids by myself when I’m feeling miserable.

I have photos of the kids opening and playing with presents, but they are still on the camera in the other room. That’s a terribly long way to go right now! Hopefully, I can get them on the computer and posted tomorrow.

One thought on “Sick”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Hope you are feeling better soon. Glad the kids had a good time with Grandpa and the family.

    We had fun in Okoboji. Tomorrow the kids are going to see the musical Billy Elliot. They are excited about it.

    Take care, eat some chicken soup! Love, Aunt

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