Upswing and an update on our Elf

I think we’re on the upswing physically. I can breathe again. Nathan seems to be getting better. E&A have sniffly noses, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering them.

Isaac is still struggling.

He’s happy in the above photo, but his naps have been shorter even though he is so tired and cranky. The congestion is causing the drooling issue to be magnified. Look at that shirt! I should just buy bibs for him to wear around all day over his clothes. We change his clothes before he takes his nap because he’s soaked!

When I saw Tami on Christmas day she asked about our elf. Our Elf on the Shelf has been enjoying the angel choir on our Christmas tree. He’s tucked in quite cozily as you can see. He’ll be heading back to the North Pole as soon as our decorations get put away.


One thought on “Upswing and an update on our Elf”

  1. That photo of Isaac looks so much like photos of John, Steve, Paul or Dave when they were little. I will get one out sometime to show you.

    Loved the picture of the flying Princess.

    We mailed a package off on Tuesday for the vowels. Hope you like them.


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