Neglecting the blog

I haven’t felt inspired to write lately. Life is still happening though.

  • I learned that if I leave an opened bag of dog food in the garage, and my husband decides to dump the last of it into an ice cream bucket, put a cover on it and put it in the pantry, the odds are good that I’ll go to get food for Max and find a dead mouse inside. Yes, that happened to me. We now have a nice tall plastic bin with a cover for our dog food. And it’s not being stored in the garage.
  • We were learning about volcanoes this week. I thought it would be a good idea to watch a Netflix documentary on them. I forgot that volcanoes = dying. Oops. I may have traumatized my children.
  • I took the kids on a late afternoon adventure to Dairy Queen yesterday. Actually, I PLANNED to do that. I strapped them in the van, drove 3 blocks, stopped for gas and then the van would not start. I put the key in the ignition and nothing happened. No turning over of the engine, no clicking, no sound. Very glad it happened close to home and only a few steps from our friends’ home. So our adventure to Dairy Queen turned into a short walk to Marie’s house and an impromptu play date for the kids.
  • Tonight Nathan asked me, “Would ice cream make it better?” Such sweet words!


It was a lazy day today, but during the last week, I spent a lot of time cleaning and purging the kids rooms. They love to collect random papers and all sorts of junk. It felt great to clean some of that out.


Audrey helped by cleaning her window!


Look at this room. You can see the floor!

And the closet is almost empty!

It’s off to bed with me. Nathan is making me go to bed a little earlier since I’ve been a crab in the mornings. Hopefully, I’ll be better tomorrow!

Sitting at the Table

Max has decided that he likes to sit at the table with the kids when they do their school work. I think it’s so funny to see him sitting on a chair at the table. 🙂

Our week without TV and computer (for the kids, obviously, I’m using the computer) has been awesome! In fact, Ethan asked if we could do it all the time. They have been having so much fun playing together. It’s like Ethan has rediscovered the fun of all sorts of crazy make-believe games. He’s always had the typical imagination for his age, but it was being taken over by thoughts of Power Ranger and Pokemon episodes. I thought it would be more difficult to adjust. It’s been a pleasant surprise.


Oh, so very windy today. I’m borrowing a term from Pooh and declaring today Windsday!

This is going to be a very exciting week for the Fritz family of Winsted. Today was Day 1 of Screen-Free Week for our children. I’ve been using the computer/TV to occupy the kids too much lately and I would really love for Ethan to have something to talk about besides TV shows! So, we’ve decided to shut off the screens for the kids this week.

E&A went along to do some grocery shopping today. They had a few dollars that they wanted to spend. It was a great learning experience for them. In fact, I even had them check out separately ahead of me. So cool 🙂

This afternoon’s excitement included playing “TV”. We took turns being the television and everyone else got to call out what channel we were watching. The “television” would have to act out that channel. Highlights included Isaac being Beauty and the Beast, Daddy doing the ballerina channel, and Mom as America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Nathan has been studying and programming like a mad-man! I’m really proud of how hard he is working. I’m constantly amazed at how quickly he can learn things. I hope our kids inherit that gift.

Stay tuned for the continued adventures of “Screen-Free Week”.

Leaves, leaves, leaves

We live in an older community with “mature” trees. That means they are big and they drop tons and tons of leaves. There are so many leaves that the street sweepers have to make several rounds through the town in the fall. They are followed around by a huge city truck so they can dump the leaves in it.

We were fortunate that a lot of the leaves actually blew away a week ago when it was so windy. I would say that took care of more than half of the leaves in our front yard. I decided to work on raking and bagging the rest of the leaves today. The back shouldn’t be too bad because we don’t have any trees with leaves in the back yard. Guess how many bags (tall kitchen bags– didn’t have leaf bags) I filled in the back?

7! And that’s not all of them. I’m guessing I could fill another 3-4 bags.

This evening I decided to work on the front yard. We have 2 huge trees. Like I said earlier, lots of the front leaves had already blown away (or at least a few doors down). I filled 6 more bags.

I’m not done yet. We have a lot of leaves in the sandbox in the back and in the rock landscaping in the front.

I had some great help from Ethan. We took turns holding the bags and filling them. Audrey helped a little too, but Ethan was my main helper. Nathan was able to get most of the deck sealed today. Our list of unfinished house projects is getting shorter!

Long Day

Our day started earlier than usual. I volunteered to watch my friends’ children and that meant getting up at 5:15 for a shower so I could be ready when they arrived. It went really well though and the morning went by really quickly.


I happened to notice Audrey had “dressed up” for the ocassion:


I was just looking back at post photos. 2 years ago on October 10th, we had snow!

No snow here yet this year. Last week we had 80 degrees. This week is feeling more fall like. Our high temps have dropped to the 50’s with lows in the 30’s. We have made the most of the good weather though. Nathan is finishing some outside house projects and I did the garage sale. We ended up making $200 off the sale. I was very happy with that since we priced things very low.

We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday. 8 years! Wow has life changed in 8 years. We were thinking back on each year and what big things happened each year. It seems like we’ve had a lot of  “big” things. That should slow down for a while now that we’ve not having any more babies!

Fall Family Adventure

We arrived in Waukesha Saturday at about 4:00. We spent the afternoon/early evening with Grandma, Dee and Dex. Also, the dog, Darcy. Isaac loved Dex. Nathan used his phone to take a picture of all the kids snuggled up to Dex on the couch. I’ll have to find that! Grandma has bought us an anniversary cake!

On Sunday morning we joined the gang for church. It was strange to hear sports analogies using Wisconsin sports teams!

After church, it was time for lunch!

Audrey poses outside of Marty’s Pizza place. It was a gorgeous fall day. Another day of 80 degrees in October. Crazy!


We had Sunday lunch with Dee, Paul, Grandma, Wendy and Dex.

Yummy pizza! We did NOT leave hungry. Grandma fed us from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. I think I’m having a carb hang-over today!

After all of that excitement, on the way home, the kids were thrilled to meet up with Grandpa Fritz. He even took a photo for me:

We didn’t look to shabby even though we had been in the car for quite a while!

At about 9:00 on Sunday night we rolled into Winsted.