Clearing Out Stuff

We’re celebrating our remaining warm days by having a garage sale.

Do you know what we don’t need anymore?

2 toddler bed mattresses, 2 toddler beds (one is coming from dad and Joyce’s house), a rocker/glider, boxes and boxes of 2T boy clothes, baby toys, kids toys that aren’t being played with a hundred unused picture frames, and all of our video games. And a million other things!

Yesterday, I opened 3 boxes that had not been opened since we moved 5 years ago. I found my old name tag with my maiden name on it. Audrey has it now 🙂 The trickiest part about getting ready has been keeping the kids out of everything. What I’m sure we don’t need they are positive they can’t live without.

I’m hoping to make a little money off our things. Anything that doesn’t sell is going to the local thrift store.

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