The Night the Lights Went Out in Franklin

For two hours tonight 9100 homes in Franklin TN were without power.

We were sitting at the table having our budget meeting (why yes, my husband does work for Dave Ramsey, why do you ask?) because a new month starts tomorrow!!! And then everything went dark! There is no sunlight at 7:00pm on January 31st in Tennessee. They kids were scared!

We found one head lamp light, one child’s wind up flashlight (thank you to whomever gave us that) and we lit a few candles. The kids really wanted to play with the flashlights, so we decided to get out of the dark house and head to Wal Mart for a few food items we needed and extra flashlights. We had no idea how far reaching the outage was until we started driving. It was so dark.

We saw several cars pulled off the road assessing damage because they had been involved in accidents. Dark intersections with no street lights or stop lights are dangerous. Some of the intersections are dark enough that it would be very easy to blow right through a 4 way intersection without really realizing it.

We made it to our destination and back safely. The lights are back on and that makes me happy. I was wondering how we would get ready in the morning with no electricity!

A Whole New World

Do you know what I never thought about when gearing myself up for the changes involved in moving?

Checking in the kids at church.

It never even crossed my mind. If you have attended a big church, you’ll probably think this is funny. Each week for the last three Sundays, we have attended a different church. Since we’ve been “new” each time, we check in at a place with real live people (this detail will be important later) and they fill out cards with information on our kids and put them in “the system”. Then they give us name tags for the kids AND a little tag to prove that I’m their mommy and can pick them up. Very cool.

Tonight we had a new experience. We started Financial Peace University classes last week. It’s on Sunday nights and tonight was our second time to meet. That meant that tonight was the first time we would be checking our kids in to a place we had already visited. Do you know how that works at all of the bigger churches in this area? I took Audrey and Isaac over to a computer kiosk, typed in the last name and checked them in using the touch screen. Then I pushed a button and labels printed right there! It took me a little extra time since this was the first time I had done it. So, I felt kind of bad for the people who were behind me in line. It was so strange that I was doing this at a computer screen and not with a person!  I slapped the labels on the kids and walked them to their rooms.

It’s not like this is a change that is hard to adjust to. It’s just different and it’s kind of interesting all the positions that I’ve been in lately where I realize that I have another new “system” to learn. We’re adapting quickly I am happy to report that I don’t need to use my Garmin every single time I drive somewhere now! Baby steps!


Enjoying Our Weekend

It has been a lovely Saturday.

We had a nice leisurely start to the day. I went for a run. It’s fun to find new places to run. We’re near some busy roads and it makes it kind of tricky. I think I’m finding some areas to will work though.

I’ve turned over a new leaf and I’m adding different meals to our rotation. We’re enjoying them. Now, I need to figure out a way to get myself back into tracking what I’m eating so I can drop the moving stress-induced weight gain.

Isaac and I took a nap together. Having a 2 year old can be really nice sometimes!

Later this afternoon, we went out on an adventure and did a driving tour of the civil war battle route in Franklin. It was very cool! I’m trying to scout out everything so I can be a proper guide when family come to visit!

We capped our day off with barbecue chicken and corn bread for supper and then movie night: Cars 2 for the kids and Super 8 for Nathan and I. We’re finishing Super 8 as I type.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!

My List

Moving has given me many opportunities to deal with my issues with anxiety. I mentioned fear in a previous post. There is nothing like uprooting your life to shine a huge light on insecurities.

These are the things that are on my mind and giving me knots in my stomach:

1. Figuring out if the kids and I will be able to qualify for a different insurance plan that would cost less than the gap coverage we are offered through Nathan’s old employer and worrying that if we don’t have perfect health we wont be accepted.

2. Waiting for our reimbursement for moving expenses.

3. Figuring out our new budget in a new place with new costs for everything.

4. We need a renter for our home in Winsted.

5. We need to get our banking account up and running here in Tennessee.

I’m learning that it does no good to just walk around with these things in my head. Do I really believe that God will provide for our needs? If I do, I need to give Him my list. Just making the list is cathartic. I think sometimes I feel anxious, but I can’t really put my finger on why. When I finally take time to list my fears, I feel better better because I have a specific place to start.

Now is the time to take the anxiety out of my heart and head and hand it over to the only One who can do anything about it.

Worrying never solved a problem.

Worrying never gave more control over uncontrolable situations.

Worrying never energizes it only paralyzes.

Worrying says, “I don’t trust You to take care of me.”

Forgive me Lord, for not trusting.  The doors You open, no one can shut. The doors You shut, no one can open. There is freedom in that knowledge. Help me to remember that You love me madly and will take care of every single one of our needs. I don’t need to carry this burden that You’ve already offered to take.

Are you anxious about anything today? I would love to pray for you!

New Routines

Today was our third Monday in Tennessee. The first was Nathan’s first day of work and the day our stuff arrived. The second was last week when I finally posted photos of our home with stuff in it. And now, here we are, entering into another week. A few more boxes have been unpacked and more piles are getting organized. Tomorrow, if I’m lucky, we’ll get out pictures hung on the walls.

Yesterday was a busy day. We had church in the morning (we visited another church that is very close to our home), Nathan ran some errands with the big kids, I tried out a new recipe for supper and then we had our first Financial Peace University class that evening.

I knew that the house would be in disarray from all the craziness.  So, this morning, I let the kids watch one cartoon while I got ready for the morning and then all 4 of us cleaned together. They were pretty agreeable and it worked really well. I didn’t feel pulled between taking care of the house and taking care of them because it was all happening at the same time. We cleaned the main living area downstairs and then we did the two kids bedrooms and the 3 bathrooms and and the upstairs hallway. It was a great way to start our day.

Later in the morning, we went out to take Max for a walk. It was a beautiful day. 60 degrees! I’m still adjusting to the crazy Tennessee weather. Last night/early this morning there was another tornado warning. We ended up only getting heavy rain here, thankfully. It has solidified my resolve to get a weather radio though.

I hope our family and friends up north are staying warm and safe.


Seeing God’s Provision

I mentioned that had some things I wanted to share and then I wasn’t able to blog yesterday. Our internet and phone stopped working yesterday afternoon and we weren’t able to get anyone here to fix it until late this afternoon.

We missed it!

Now, for my story.

Thursday morning I was trying to figure out how I could get involved in a local class for women who have just recently moved. It’s called Moving On After Moving In (or something like that). It sounded like a really neat thing that would be helpful for this transition. As I was looking at the information about child-care, I started to get frustrated. It said something about $40/child for child care and only mentioned pre-school ages. I felt discouraged. I didn’t want to spend that amount of money and I don’t just have preschool aged children since I homeschool. I started that day feeling overwhelmed and sad. I sent an email to the contact person about childcare asking for more specific information. After lunch, I got an email back and the woman said that childcare was free and that other homeschool moms attended and that Ethan would have a place as well. I started to cry again– only this time it was because I felt so relieved and grateful. Every time I start to freak out over something, God reminds me that He’s still here taking care of us.

The other thing I wanted to mention was about our Girls’ Night Out. I ended up sitting by a woman who was from Minnesota. After a little while, somehow she brought up that she had an Alliance background. Turns out Shelly and I were in Bible quizzing at the same time (she’s about 4 years older) and she also told me that she worked as the assistant at the Northwestern District office about 10 years ago. I knew a lot of the people that she knew. It’s a small world!

Girls Night Out

Yesterday I went to meet with a Bible Study group that was new to me. I met Nathan at Lampo so he could take the kids home and I could make it in time for the study. I’m so thankful for my Garmin. It was the best Christmas present! Thank you, Dad! I would get lost daily if I didn’t have that thing. I found my way there and it was a good evening.

Tonight I met the “Lampo Ladies” for Girls Night Out at Chili’s. It was really fun! I had a great time talking with the ladies that sat near me. There were 10 women there. I didn’t get to talk to the ones at the other end of the table, but I’m sure I’ll have other chances to talk with them.

There were several things that happened today that were huge answers to prayer. I can’t wait to tell you about it, but I’m feeling sleepy now! I’ll check in tomorrow.