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I took down the previous posts for now. We’re in the middle of figuring out liability and it’s not going as smoothly as we would have hoped. We would like all info to come from official sources. . . sigh

God has provided lots of great resources for us. We are thankful.

Camped Out In The Bathroom

tornadoWe survived the first tornado warning of 2014. Right as we were tucking in the kids, our area was put under a warning. We could hear the wind howling and rain and hail pour outside. There were two lightning strikes that were very loud and felt like they were pretty close to the house.

In Franklin a business had windows break and the historic downtown area lost power for a while.

In Thompson’s Station, a tree fell on a car.

That was the extent of it though. It was just really strong winds. Today is calm and sunny!


Crazy Weather Day, Maybe?

Jim Cantore is in town. To some that means it’s the “kiss of death” in regard to severe weather. He’s an on-air personality for the Weather Channel. He generally goes where there will be exciting weather.

We are hoping he is wrong and that this is just slow day in regards to weather.

I’m watching my weather sources. My favorite “weather guy” is keeping me update on twitter and his web site. If you want to know about the weather here, if anything significant is happening, you can find out in real time from the twitter link.

We are under a wind advisory for most of the day (20-35 mph winds, gusts up for 45mph). Early this evening a line of storms is supposed to move through this area. The recent post on the site says:

“There are 5 storm outlook classifications from the SPC (nothing, General, Slight, Moderate, and High). “Moderate” is only one step down from the highest category.

The most-likely-to-happen/main threat is Severe, Damaging Winds. As you can see from the below Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center, the probability of damaging winds or wind gusts of 58+ mph happening between 0 and 25 miles of you is now 45% (up from 30% early this morning). Winds 58+ mph cause damage, and when they get that high, they’re classified as severe.”

Hoping this is all much ado about nothing. 🙂

Lots of Things To Pray About

Our house is a disaster. I have lots of laundry to fold and put away. Dishes need to be put away and the dishwasher loaded again. The bathrooms are disgusting…

I plan to get to that after writing this post.

I have a couple of things that I would love for everyone to pray for:


We have known James since he worked with Nathan at Crown. He is a fellow programmer. Their daughter and our daughter  were dedicated on the same day at our church. They have been in the process of an international adoption. That process has dragged on much longer than they anticipated. Along the journey, they started the process of another international adoption.

And now James is battling cancer. According to this week’s update, James is in his 7th week of “all day, every day” chemo treatments (he gets weekends off, I believe).  His cancer markers are still high. He will have a PET scan in week 9.

Please pray for them. Pray for healing and strength and comfort. Pray for clarity and guidance with all the things that they are processing.


April goes to our church here. She is about my age. She is a mom to young kids. She has Lymphoma. It was diagnosed earlier in the fall. The treatments she has had thus far have not been effective. They went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas to have the “top” doctors take a look. She now has a new course of treatment they she will be going through. She is back now in TN and this week she started week 1 of R-EPOCH treatments and will be in the hospital until Saturday.

Please pray for April and her family. Please pray that God would heal her and keep her strong through the chemo treatments. Pray that she would be encouraged.


Monica is a friend who attends a Bible study that I am a part of. Yesterday, 35 weeks into her pregnancy, she went to the doctor and they could not find a heart beat for their baby son. Today she will deliver the baby.

It’s heartbreaking. Please pray for Monica and her family. Pray for comfort and healing.

That’s what on my mind today.

Happy “Day Before Valentine’s” Day



I cannot believe how much the sunshine and lack of it has impacted me. I’ve been dragging for days. There has been no sun. Today, it’s 47 degrees and the sun is shining and I feel like I could conquer the world. It looks like spring outside. What’s funny about that is we actually woke up to snow on the ground. School was cancelled yesterday because of the threat of snow, but the temperatures stayed just a little too high during the day for that to materialize. But by evening, there were flurries. Schools had a 2 hour late start this morning and most of the roads were clear quite early. It looks like spring is arriving next week!

We’ve been enjoying our rec center membership. I love that it is so close. I’m planning to head over there tonight. Last night we all went swimming. Now the kids have no reason to be sad that we don’t have a pool in our neighborhood.

Audrey picked up one of her library books this morning and started reading it by herself and did so well. There were quite a few difficult words and I only helped her a little. Hooray for Audrey! Ethan is currently sitting in the school room working on grammar. It’s his least favorite because he gets easily distracted and that causes him to take a very long time :-(.

I got a hair cut last week. A really short hair cut. I will post a photo soon.

Nathan and I are doing the diet bet this month. I’m down about 2.2 lbs for the month. Nathan is down at least 5. We’ll see if we can work hard enough to lose the 4% of our body weight we need to “win”. 18 days to go.

[IF] Thoughts

I spent the weekend attending a women’s conference in the comfort of my friend, Casey’s, home.

This is my very favorite way to attend a conference. Awesome speakers and worship and I get to sit in comfy clothes and have yummy snacks and “pause” the conference while discussing it with friends.

I got to hear from Rebekah Lyons, Ann Voskamp, Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey, Angie Smith (my best friend who I was too shy to say hello to earlier in the fall), Kristin Armstrong, Bianca Orloff and Christine Caine. And there were more that I missed. And then Melissa Greene (Avalon), Christy Nockles (Passion conferences) and Melinda Doolittle(American Idol) helped lead the music.

I’m still processing it. It was very powerful.

The premise of the weekend was this: If God is real, then what? — Hence the title of this post. The conference was the “IF Gathering”.

Have any of you heard Christine Caine speak? She was incredible. I have the words ringing in my head still. Straight from Scripture- “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.  She talked about how the Israelites had been delivered out of Egypt but didn’t truly grab hold of their freedom and ended up doing “laps around Mt. Sinai” for years. If they had chosen to trust God over their circumstances, they could have finished their journey in a fraction of that time.

Their old “problem” was already solved and covered by God.

Then she said this:



Yep. We all decided we need t-shirts that say “Get A New Problem”. (thanks Casey for the photo)

The weekend was wrapped up by Jen Hatmaker. She is funny and profound and convicting and said exactly what I needed to hear. Some I had heard before. Things like this: At some point, we need to consider that we shouldn’t spend all our time “blessing the blessed and feeding the fed”. And this: “We do not need to defend the gospel.  No we do not…We serve a kingdom that will not be shaken…Nobody can steal from us what Jesus already won for us…If we don’t have to be Jesus defenders then we are set free to be representatives”

Not that we shouldn’t defend truth, but we’ve gotten to a point where we are in a posture of seeing everyone “out there” as the enemy.

That’s what I’m chewing on these days. I wish I could have taken all of you along for the adventure.


Mom’s Night Out

I had a Mom’s night out with 2 friends (a third couldn’t make it– sad) on Tuesday. We had supper and then got to see the film “Mom’s Night Out”. It doesn’t actually start showing in theatres until  Mother’s Day, but one of my friends had tickets to preview it. One of the perks of living in this area, I guess! We got a bag of goodies to promote the movie and we had to do a little survey after watching the show.

It was good. I really enjoyed it. There are several actors that you’ll recognize in this film: Patricia Heaton (from Everybody Love Raymond and The Middle), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) and Sarah Drew (April from Grey’s Anatomy) and Trace Adkins (country singer).

Take a look:


My kids are looking forward to seeing it and it’s safe for all ages.


Ethan and I were discussing programming puzzles and how you can use them to get better…

Ethan: What kind of puzzle?

Me (after thinking a bit): Well, the people of Flibberty say every other word backwards. How would you write a program to flip every other word backwards?

Ethan: That’s not a computer problem!

Me: What do you mean?

Ethan: I’d just write every other word backwards on paper!

Me: Well…what if you had to write a whole book in Flibbertigibbish?

Ethan (without a pause): Well, I’ll get used to it…

February Challenge!

I did it! I decided to join the February Reset Diet Bet. This is a one month challenge to work on losing 4% of my body weight.

It will be hard work, but I think it will be fun and I’m “betting” on myself. I’m the one person I can actually control (hopefully!). So, if I meet the challenge I get my $25 back plus a share of whatever else if left from those who don’t meet their goal. There are 502 players currently and a pot of $12,550.

27 days to go! Here is my starting photo. As is the case with many”before” shots, it’s so not flattering. Ha! No makeup, hair a mess and Ethan took this. So, he’s looking up at me. However, as I’m looking at it, it seems that I have nice calves and great potential for awesomeness 😉



I will be sure to keep you updated as I’m positive you will be on pins and needles awaiting my results! 😉


If you want to join in the fun, you can find the challenge at this link.