What We’ve Been Doing

We started classes at our tutorial on Thursday. I assisted with the first graders for the first 2 hours, had a lunch break and then was with the 2nd graders for two hours. Wow! There is such a huge difference between those grades and it’s only one year. It was interesting to see. Ethan, Audrey and Isaac went to their own classes. They had a great day. They are going to have so much fun this year. My favorite thing that happened that day was when they were dismissing the first grader. Ethan leaned over to his little brother and gave him a big hug! Ethan has such a tender heart for his little brother. It’s precious to see.

Monday night we went to the county fair. We met up with our friends, the Pelletiers. That meant that Ethan and Isaac got to hang a bit with Cameron.


And Audrey found a pony!


I love the photo of those three boys. They have been pals since we moved here 🙂

I ordered some clothes for the kids and Isaac got this shirt:


It says: “Things I’m good at: Flying tie fighters, lightsaber fights, being awesome, ruling the galaxy”. With his freshly cut hair and new snazzy shirt, I think he is ridiculously good looking! 😉

Sunday Check-In

August is here!

Nathan took the kids to the pool and let me get my Sunday afternoon nap. It was much needed!

Audrey and Isaac went to their new Sunday School classes today. Ethan had his class promotion at the beginning of the summer. Everyone loved their classes and teachers. We needed a good day today because everyone was grumpy yesterday 🙁 So far, today has been a good one.

We have a Sunday night service at church tonight. We’re commissioning our intern that served this summer. He will be be speaking and we’re also having an old fashioned hymn sing. It should be fun. The kids have no idea what a “hymn” is, but they will learn tonight!