On Having Shingles

If this post makes no sense, let’s blame it on the narcotic I just took 😉

I have shingles. Not the kind that you use on your roof. I have the virus.

On Friday, my toes hurt a lot. I wrote it off to the weather, my poor circulation and my old age. On Saturday I noticed a strange rash on my side. My first thought was that the vacation rental had bed bugs, but I thought to show it to my father in law who happens to be a nurse.  He said it looked suspicious and Erica said it looked like the rash Tim had when he had shingles. I never, ever in a million years would have guessed that. I knew nothing at all about shingles.

We tried to find a Minute Clinic or Little Clinic on the way home from Indiana, but we had no luck. We went with the Physician’s Urgent Care clinic 20 minutes from our house. It was surprisingly busy. I had to wait quite a while to be seen, but it only took the doctor 1 second to diagnose me. Thanks to Don I got diagnosed in time to start antiviral meds that will hopefully shorten the duration and impact of the virus.

And whoa…. my meds just kicked into gear and I am having a hard time holding my head up (but the pain I was feeling is GONE!).

More info on shingles can be found here.


Now that the pain killer has mostly wore off, I am feeling more lucid. I thought I would add some symptoms that I had/have:

  • I was super tired and slept for about 3 hours on Thursday. I thought it was due to travel, but in retrospect, I think it might have been because of the virus.
  • Joint pain. My toes were the first thing that I noticed hurting.
  • Rash that follows a nice thin line. It’s not getting wider at all. It seems to have gotten a tiny bit longer than when I first noticed it.
  • Pain on my left side. That’s the side the rash is on.
  • Pain in my left hand. I had to drive Isaac to speech therapy today and it hurt a lot to hang on to and turn the wheel.

Pre-Travel Cleaning Day

My knees are achy today. Is it possible that I’m to that stage in life where my joints tell me if the weather is changing? Or maybe it’s just that they are tired!

The kids and I spent the day cleaning. They were happy to help clean because it meant they didn’t have to do school work. I think I would have chosen school work over cleaning, but not them!


They are so excited about our upcoming trip. Audrey can hardly contain herself!

We had a family game night last night. It’s a game I don’t understand, but the kid and Nathan love it! It’s called Hero Kids and much of it involves the kids actually making up the story themselves. They are very creative and funny 🙂


I ate junk today because our last official weigh-in for the Fritz Family Fitness Challenge was today. My official loss for the 13 week challenge was 8.4%. My total loss from when I started several weeks before that is 12%.

Here is a current photo (note, I am most certainly sucking in my stomach here…  ha- ha!) from where I was trying on a dress I am borrowing for the Christmas party. Tomorrow, I am back to eating healthy or I will need to find a different dress for the party.


Weight Loss Update- November 2015





I thought I would update you on my weight loss progress. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to stick with something for so long. My start date was August 9 (a couple of weeks before we started the Fritz Family Weight loss Challenge). I’ve lost 19 lbs. In the last 14 weeks, I’ve had only 2 weeks where I have not lost anything. One of those weeks was last week 🙂 I made some poor eating decisions! I would like to lose 4 more lbs by the end of the year.

Here’s my “inches lost” breakdown:

2 inches off on my waist.

3 inches off my hips.

2 inches off my natural waist/rib cage.

2 inches off my chest.

2.5 inches off my thigh.


I’m at a point where people are noticing that I’ve lost weight and that feels good! I can’t seem to get a good photo to show my progress. I’ll try again tonight. I am down about 10 lbs since the last time I posted a photo.




Humpty Dumpty

After 6 + years of observing our youngest child’s approach to life, I have come to the conclusion that this is the one that is the most likely to bring me to my knees in prayer for his safety. He lives life with wild abandon and doesn’t watch where he is going while he does it.

He is solidly in the lead when it comes to stitches, staples and glue on various wounds.

Yesterday, he came in the house crying because he had been riding his bicycle without actually hanging on to the handles and had taken a tumble. The street took a bite out of his chin. So, off we went to put humpty dumpty back together again.


He was glued together and sent home with a balloon. Next time, I’ll tell him it’s more economical to get a balloon by just buying it at the store rather than using the urgent care clinic.

Wordy Wednesday

I did it! I survived 8 weeks of watching preschool kids on Wednesday morning for the moms who are in Bible Study. It wasn’t that bad, but I’m looking forward to being in a study next semester and not watching the kids.

In other exciting news, for the first time in my life, I bought a wreath for my door. I love it. It feels homey.


Isaac had his first speech appointment today. We met a few weeks ago for the teachers to decide if he needed any help. Today’s meeting was to identify the specific sounds he is struggling with.  I’m feeling sad about it today. I feel sad that I didn’t catch it earlier. He struggles with the /j/, /sh/, and /ch/, for sure. Those are the ones that I can easily identify as sounds that are making it hard for him to sound out words. Today, when I sat with him and tried to have him read some words starting with “ch”, he cried. 🙁 He knows he says that sound wrong and he didn’t even want to try. Each one of my kids throws a completely different teaching challenge my way.

We met the new neighbors that moved in across the street. They have two boys. One is around Ethan’s age! Today, their dog got loose in the neighborhood. We were worried she was lost, but one of the other neighbor girls found her and told them. They are happily reunited.

Speaking of dogs, Max has been sitting by my feet, directly on top of my phone. It’s toasty warm now.

The Barnett Family Visit


When Ethan, Audrey, and Isaac found out that Kylene and Justin were coming to visit, they were over the moon with excitement! Our kids were primed and ready for their special guests.

The weary travelers arrived on Saturday afternoon. They were here for just enough time to do all the important stuff: catching up chatting, playing games, eating yummy food, sibling reminiscing, and trick or treating!


We had Cinderella, Harry Potter, and a Dementor. K&J and Nathan took the kids around the neighborhood while I stayed back and handed out candy. The kids had a very successful evening and I am now observing the time-honored annual tradition of “Mom, May I Have Another Piece of Candy Day”. I have thus far avoided eating their candy in preparation for today’s weigh-in for the Fritz Family weight loss challenge (and I’m cursing Erica for planning this during this season– hee hee), but I plan to swipe at least one piece from each child today. It’s for their good. Sometimes a mother needs to sacrifice for her children.

Welcome to November!