And Winter Is Gone. Maybe. And My Crazy Day.

A week ago there was ice and snow on the ground and churches were cancelling their services for the following day.

Today it will be sunny and 62 degrees.

Remind me to never complain when it’s cold here!

We had a busy week. One of those weeks where everything is packed together and you’ve over committed yourself. And then thing go badly and you want to go back to having nothing on your calendar. One of THOSE weeks.

On Monday, I arrived at a meeting and discovered that I was supposed to know things and be responsible for things that I had not been told about previously. I felt put on the spot and foolish. I ended that meeting to pick up the kids and things had not gone great. Some of it was my kids choices. Some of it was that I had not communicated regarding my expectations. Some of it was other people’s kids. Being a parent opens your eyes to the problem that is “other people’s kids”. This is a real thing. Other people don’t have the same expectations for their kids that you do. Did you know that? You probably did. It can be so very difficult when navigating adult friendships with wildly different parenting styles. Soooooo, I left that appointment feeling tightly wound and irritated.

We went straight to a lunch meeting. At a coffee shop. In a little, tiny room. Kids were also invited to come along with their moms. Too many kids. Too many people. Too small of a space. And I was already on edge. Ethan, Audrey and Isaac were great, but I felt stressed already. We were packed like sardines and there was lots of talking and it was more than a little chaotic. We left as quickly as possible when it was over.

And went to another appointment. It wasn’t really a traditional appointment. I just needed to swing by the church where our tutorial meets and pick up some books from the director. She had forgotten these books every week for the previous three weeks and she said she would have them with her and we could come by anytime between 9 and 2.

We tracked her down and she had forgotten the books at home. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. It was not her fault that rest of my morning had been crazy. I came to the conclusion that God was telling me that my one and only purpose in life was to sit next to my children while they did their school work. Nothing else. Ever. 🙂

I wrapped up the day with a hair appointment. When I arrived, my stylist was nowhere to be found. I know! I couldn’t have scripted a day like this. Thankfully, she was just down the hall and arrived a few minutes later.

The next day was packed full with tutorial followed by a meetup in the evening with some ladies who had decided to start a writer’s group. **gulp** Scary. I’ve decided to work on my writing and put myself out there. Terrifying. Exciting.

Now, it’s Saturday and I have a conference this morning followed by a time with some friends coming over this afternoon.

How was YOUR week?


We got snow last week!




School was cancelled Friday and it’s still cancelled today. I think most of the roads are fine, but there are some outer areas that are icy.

The kids have had so much fun with their makeshift sleds even though they don’t have proper snow gear. I did happen to have one pair of snow pants that fit Isaac. I assumed the odds of needing all that gear were approximately the same as winning the lottery. Oops.

Before the storm came, our local stores sold out of sleds! It was kind of funny to read about people trying to locate some for their kids. After years of living in a snowy area, I had no desire to be out in the snow, but the kids did not share my sentiment. They were ready to run outside at the first snowflakes.



Happenings: An Overdue Update

I just realized the title makes it seem like I have some big news to update you on. There is nothing too exciting going on over here. But there are lots of not-so-exciting things that I can share 🙂

Today was our first snow and ice storm of the winter. School was canceled. There was not much snow, but there was a layer of ice underneath. Nathan went in to work a little later than normal and may try to get home before it’s dark and the temperature drops below freezing again. We’re supposed to be getting our next round of this on Friday.

I’ve been seeing a chiropractor to hopefully help me be able to run without IT Band pain. It seems to be helping. I’ve been going twice a week for three weeks. Now I taper down to less visits. I registered for the Hot Chocolate 5k in Nashville next month. It’s been a good motivator to be out training. I’m slow, but enjoying being able to run at all.

Nathan had his anniversary at work and and had a great review. I was hoping he would be bumped up to “senior” level, but he’s not quite there. He was given great feedback and encouragement and I have no doubt he will be there in no time. He has only been programming professionally for 4 years. Not many people can achieve “senior” level in that amount of time. I am very proud of him!

Isaac is still doing speech and passed the “sh” sound! He is working very hard at his reading and making progress. Audrey and Ethan had a science chapter covering Ungulates recently. I learned a lot helping them study for their test. 🙂

I hope you are all staying cozy and warm. Spring will come eventually.


Winter Has Arrived In Tennessee

Christmas was so warm it made me wonder if winter would actually arrive this year. It did. It seems to have arrived sometime last week. It’s feeling cold! We woke up to 25 degrees this morning. Inside, the thermostat is set to 70(upstairs), but the cold is seeping in the walls and through the concrete floors under the carpet. It always takes me by surprise. Our main level of our house feels cold and I’m reminded of why I like to stay upstairs in my cozy bedroom. It’s where it’s warmest and it’s where I get some lovely morning sunshine.


Never mind the dirty laundry. Let’s focus on the cozy bed and lovely ray of sunshine! I’m going to also remind myself that winter isn’t long in Tennessee.

We’re “back” to school, but we never were really off for long. We took off a few days here and there and didn’t have tutorial for most of November and all of December. It was so nice to have a lighter load, but tutorial starts again tomorrow. That means we are back to work on those assignments as well. The kids are excited to see their friends!

Nathan has his 4 year “check-up” with his team leader at work tomorrow. I’m trying to not get my hopes up, but I’m failing at it miserably. I am soooooo hopeful that this is the year that he moves from the title of “Developer” to “Senior Developer”. The requirements for being considered “Senior” there are very high and it’s possible it might not happen this year. I do know he’s worked at increasing his influence and impact in areas that go beyond his own team. I’m so very proud of him and continue to be thankful that he loves his work.