I know you’ve been on pins and needles wondering how my running is going 🙂

I’ve been sticking with it! Here is what I’ve done since last I updated you:

7/2- 5 miles

7/4- 2.1 miles

7/7- 2.1 miles

7/12- 2 miles

7/14- 2.7 miles

7/16- 6.5 miles

7/19- 2.1 miles

7/21- 2.3 miles

7/23- 6.7

6/26- 3.1


Saturdays are my “long” run days. I got up on Saturday morning and ran at 5:30. I hoped to do 7 miles, but finished with 6.7. I’m sticking with doing intervals of one minute of running and one minute of walking. For the most part, my body has been cooperating. My IT Band was starting to get tight toward the end of my last long run. We’ll see how it holds out.

Here’s a fuzzy photo from the end of our early morning run today:


Kids Trip To Georgia!

Since I have not written for a bit, I hadn’t even mentioned (I don’t think) that the kids were getting ready to leave for a week in Georgia.

Well, they went and now we’re all back home re-entering into normal life 🙂

They had so much fun! We dropped them off a week ago Saturday. We met up with Kylene and Justin near Atlanta and gave them the kids and all their stuff. Lots of stuffed animals, clothes and bikes. It’s crazy how much three kids can pack. Strike that. It’s crazy how much one 9 year old girl can pack 🙂 hee hee.

We headed home to a quiet house and they entered a week of non-stop chatter. I could hear every time the central air turned off and on. I’m not used to that. It was really strange. Of course, we do what all parents with small children do when they are suddenly left without them: we talked about how strange it was that they were gone, a lot. We also went out to eat a lot and took in a movie. The week wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped. That was my fault though. I had scheduled some things that tied up a lot of my time. Monday was July 4th and we ended up without electricity for a bit, Tuesday I spent the entire day preparing to teach Bible Study the next day. Wednesday I taught the Bible Study class and prepped for a meeting on Thursday. Then I had that Thursday meeting which was a pre-meeting for a meeting on Friday morning. I left the Friday morning meeting early to get on the road, with Nathan, to head to Georgia to meet up with K&J and the kids. The drive took a lot longer because of leaving after that meeting. Rush hour in Atlanta is no joke. Leaving later added over an hour of extra drive time. Yuck.

We left Franklin at 10:30 CST and arrived at Kylene and Justin’s at 9:20 EST. 10 hours on the road.

We got caught up on hugs and kisses and stories and spent Saturday at Hilton Head at the beach. We had so much fun riding the waves up and down as they came into the shore. We did our best to avoid the spots where the waves would actually crash on top of us. We were mostly successful. Yesterday morning, we packed up and drove back home. The kids were sad to leave, but I know they were happy to be in their own beds.

Today we have a quiet day planned. We’re reading books, grocery shopping and planning out our week. It’s nice to be reunited. I missed them!