Well, Hello 2017!

Hello 2017!

I’m going to pretend that I’ve been hanging out here all along without any long breaks 🙂

All my words that normally come easily to me are stuck. I feel like all the words are used up and might never return. At least the good words. I have a lot of things I can write that I feel like won’t be shiny enough. However, something is better than nothing. That’s why I’m writing tonight.

What’s happening here?

The year started with some new goals. I want to limit my time spent online, simplify my schedule, lose 20 lbs, have a more consistent Bible/prayer life and a few other things.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in working on these goals:

  1. My days go much better if I don’t start them with social media. I’m trying to not check any of that stuff until noon. I was letting other people’s posts set my mood for my day. Not the best idea. Some days I’m better at this than others.
  2. In working on simplifying my schedule, I’ve had to say, “no” to some things. Some of these are good things, but I don’t have room for the best things if I do too many of the wrong “good” things.  I stepped down from a ministry role and got quite a bit of push-back. It was stressful and made me sad. Dealing with passive aggressive behavior is frustrating. It also confirmed that I made the right choice. I’ve spent too much time and energy doing things just because I don’t want to disappoint people.
  3. Working on my weight loss is going alright. I’ve lost weight simply by counting my calories and eating less than I was before. The hardest thing is that I’m under a lot of stress right now. My favorite way to deal with stress is to eat junk food. I’m really missing being able to use that coping mechanism! On the other hand, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to make healthy choices in the middle all the crap that keeps coming.
  4. I finished my workbook for All Things New. That’s a Bible study on II Corinthians. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to teaching it starting in just a couple weeks!

Here are some specific good things that have happened in the last month:

**We found out that Nathan’s car could easily be repaired. We were worried the transmission would need work. We were relieved it was something less expensive!

**We visited a school that we believe Ethan will be attending starting next fall. I think it will be a good fit!

**Nathan and I have lost more than 20 lbs between the two of us!

**Isaac was baptized! (not this month, but in December)

**I’ve been using cash to pay for groceries and it’s helped decrease our spending in that area considerably! Hooray!

** We have an appointment with a psychiatrist to discuss some medication options for one of the kids and I’m hoping this will bring relief to some of the distress we’re experiencing with some mental health issues.

That’s the news from our family! Thanks for hanging in there with us!